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Growing up in a family that talked about food and relations that were butchers and grocers I was very young when I realised that food and where it came from was very important. Weighing cheese and other goods at the grocer's shop was my idea of a treat, to this day I can wrap anything in wax paper and string and make a paper cone for dry ingredients. I was often found watching the butcher cut up carcasses that were way bigger than me, could not wait to help but ashamed to say I still can't use a cleaver "lightening" was my nickname at the butchers (coz it never strikes in the same place twice!)

A mixture of dyslexia and hatred of school was the beginning of my career path. Practical over academic was the only option much to the disappointment of one parent and the excitement of the other. The best thing I ever did was fail A 'Levels! I was sent to Eggleston Hall in Teesdale were amidst a great deal of fun, and a lot of hard work I achieved The Cordon Bleu Diploma, a dressmaking certificate and typing and shorthand qualifications. I loved every second and didn't ever want to leave, something to do with a very good looking Irish fishing instructor and a lot of invites to Catterick Officers Mess! After the second year of teaching at the college, I was offered a job in the director's dining room at Saab Scania in Sweden. Stockton to Stockholm and I've never looked back.

Food preparation is my passion, where it comes from how it is produced and how it can be used to avoid waste is very important to me. Having Eating out as my hobby is sometimes expensive, sometimes it has resulted in a job! "Shy kids get nowt"/ if you don't ask you don't get". Who knows what the future holds but it's bound to be an adventure!


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