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Beat & Whisk The Full Loaf Full Day

Date: Sunday 28th March, 2021

Start Time: 10:00

End Time: 15:00

Price: £145.00


The simplest pleasure.. making bread! At The Cooks School, we can show you how easy & versatile it is. From the focaccia to savoury Chelsea bread. This more advanced course takes you through the chemistry involved and gives you the skills to advance your bread making repertoire. Gilly the Cook will take you through the whole process.  The day is fun but busy, informative and most of all you’ll go home with plenty of proof that you have mastered these loaves!


You will be baking


- Focaccia

- Wheaton bread

- Brioche

- Hot cross buns


Some level of bread making experience is recommended for this course. 


Course Outline

Join Gilly Robinson, Head Tutor for a packed day at The Cooks Place. With a mix of basic and more complex techniques, there is something for everyone on this entertaining course. The Baking Days here at The Cooks Place are a hands-on course that introduces you to the joys of baking bread, with clear recipes to follow under the supervision of our team. Prepare and sample the loaves during the day with full recipes and instructions.


Includes all ingredients and recipes.

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